GR#2-7880 – 1979 Garry Rush #2 Top Wing Panel

GR#2-7880 – 1979 Garry Rush #2 Top Wing Panel


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“The Dream Team” from 1978 to 1980 which was one of the most formidable sprintcar teams in that bygone era. Running  under the HM Headers banner.
Vic#1 Graham McCubbin
#2 Garry Rush
The team owner was well known speedway identity Jack Maggs from Victoria.
The team ran Tognotti (ferkel) chassis. But as Jack told me they thought that the chassis were a bit heavy and so they took to building their own in house light weight chassis. This was campaigned by Garry.
Graham had announced his retirement in 1978.
But Garry talked him out of retirement to come back and drive for Jack as his team Mate.
They had success in 1979 by filling the top two places in the Grand Annual Classic.
1st :1979 Garry Rush (NSW) – 2ND: Graeme McCubbin (Vic) – 3RD:Steve Brazier (NSW)

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